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Wood River Trail Gannett Rd to Fox Acres Rd Closed

BCRD has scheduled seal coat maintenance on the Wood River Trail from Monday, September 18, through Friday, September 22.

The section affected by this maintenance stretches from the North end of Gannett Road in Bellevue to south side of Fox Acres Road in Hailey. This part of the trail will be closed during the seal coating process. Alternative routes may not be suitable for road bikes, rollerblades, bike trailers, dogs, or nighttime travel.

Seal coating is the process of applying an asphalt emulsion to seal the trail surface. After several years of regular use and the elements, the worn asphalt surface will roughen and crack. Regular seal coating preserves the trail’s smooth surface.

During the application and drying process, it is important that trail users stay off the new surface for 48 hours. Wet seal coating material will ruin shoes, clothes, bikes, rollerblades and the trail surface.

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