Galena Snow Stake (At Galena Lodge in mixed sun / shade, cleared at 4PM daily.)

Galena Lodge Lawn (At Galena Lodge pointing south.)

Bald Mountain (Looking from White Clouds towards Bald Mountain)

Bald Mountain snowstake (Top of Bald Mountain (in sheltered location))

Rotarun slopeside cam (Rotarun ski area, looking SSW)

Greenhorn / East Fork Area (left is looking south, right is looking west) (At fire station just south of Greenhorn stop-light, left image looks south down Hwy 75, right image looks west out Greenhorn.)

Timmerman Hill (left is north into WRV, right is east towards Picabo) (Timmerman Hill ~14 miles south of Hailey. Left image looks north towards Wood River Valley, right image looks south.)

Smiley Creek Airport (left is looking northwest, right is looking southeast) (Smiley Creek airport on north side of Galena Summit. Left image looks northwest towards Stanley, right image looks southeast towards headwaters and Galena Summit)

GWebb Landscape snow stake
(Downtown Ketchum)

Webb Landscape snow stake (Downtown Ketchum)

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